Spastic Colon Pain

Treatment For A Spastic Colon

Spastic Colon Pain And How To Avoid It

Prevention is always better than cure. Get a head-start now on how to prevent experiencing that excruciating pain brought by a spastic colon.

A spastic colon is a gastrointestinal condition that is characterized by abdominal pain, cramping and bloating. Also known as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), this condition brings forth feelings of shame and discomfort to its sufferers. Many individuals have a spastic colon, but almost seventy-percent of these are not seeking any medical assistance.

Among all the other symptoms of spastic colon, including diarrhea and constipation, perhaps the worst symptom of IBD is spastic colon pain, because it can really render a person severely uncomfortable. Pain is a formidable symptom because even the slightest ache can radiate into other areas of the body which can affect the over-all focus of an individual.

Spastic colon pain can occur abruptly and can cripple a person figuratively. That is why keeping a healthy colon is important to keep this agonizing condition from manifesting. Here are six simple but effective ways on how one can avoid having spastic colon pain.

Reduce stress. The first thing that one should do in order to avoid colon problems (and many other diseases) is to have a stress-free life in the sense that one is not killing him or herself with the pressures of everyday work and living. Stress has been associated with several other debilitating diseases, most especially cancer. Controlling one’s stress through time management and relaxing activities (yoga) is helpful in avoiding colon problems.

More on water-soluble fiber. Fiber or roughage can help so much in retaining water within the stool thereby making it easier to pass out of the body. Eating foods rich in fiber can also help prevent constipation and pain.

Avoid triggers. Taking note of those foods that aggravate one’s spastic colon pain when ingested will help one keep track of the foods and menus that he or she must avoid. By not eating these food triggers, one is spared from the food’s bad effect post-eating. Peppermint oil capsules. Although it’s not precisely scientifically concluded, but the relaxing properties of peppermint oil has brought so much promise in the medical field about relieving and preventing spastic colon pain. Taking even just one of these per day can help prevent the pain for those who have severe spastic colon conditions.

Prevent bloating. As much as possible, preventing bloating can help a great deal in keeping the pain away too. Drinking from a straw or chewing bubble gum are discouraged as these acts do increase the possibility of having a bloated stomach which can trigger spastic colon pain.

Good bacteria help. Drinks with “probiotics” are good for the GIT system as it contains good bacteria that help fight off the pathogenic ones inside the stomach and the colon.

Individuals who are suffering from pain are deeply tormented by it and are at times unable to carry on with their activities of daily living. That is why preventing the pain from occurring gives a lot of benefit to an IBS sufferer. These small, simple steps per day can go a long way in chasing spastic colon pain away.