Intestinal Spasms

Treatment For A Spastic Colon


Don’t be alarmed if you feel like something is living inside your intestines. More than likely you are suffering contractions from intestinal spasms.

Typically, your intestinal tract will create muscle contractions in order to rid the waste from the bowel. For a sufferer of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or spastic colon, this system does not always work efficiently. When these muscles breakdown or don’t work as hard as designed to, then you might suffer from intestinal spasms.

If the disturbing spasms cause waste to travel too fast through the intestines, the necessary liquid that should be correctly absorbed by the colon, doesn’t get absorbed. This, creates intestinal spasms, pain, sluggishness and uncomfortable bouts of diarrhea, which could eventually become constipation and unravel more serious conditions. This health issue should be tended to.

There are several facets to the causes of intestinal problems. Stress as usual, and the medications taken for this, for example antidepressants, specific foods, and alcohol all contribute seriously to this condition. Other things that could relate to the inconsistencies of the intestines include inadequate water intake, or if your diet is lacking in fibre.

A multitude of reasons can start intestinal spasms when you least expect them. The conditions become so intense with some folk that they are afraid to leave the house. Not wanting to be put into an embarrassing situation, they would rather just stay home. This leads to something known as ‘cabin fever’ where the staying home starts to affect your disposition and depression results.

There are remedies to help and gain control of the condition before it gets this far. However, it will take determination, dedication and control on your part. We are often placed in situations in life, involuntarily, that bring a certain amount of stress. We also place ourselves willingly into situations of stress without consideration of consequences. Intestinal spasms restrict activities, socialization, and living in general if they reach a peak.

Decades ago someone came up with a brilliant idea and called it vacations, or holidays depending upon where you live. The idea of this proposition was so that hard working folk could take time out to relax and enjoy life a little, especially with the family. It lasted a little while, people did take vacations and enjoyed life. Then the trend seemed to phase out.

People still take vacations, but they also take, computers, cell phones, and any other little piece of technology they can get their hands on. Did anyone tell you that is not a vacation? You may ask yourself when was the last time you had some relaxing time, anywhere or with anyone, with any piece of technology miles away out of reach. This fact, along with a better diet could remove a lot of stress from your life therefore, removing intestinal spasms and pain.

Treat yourself to a colon cleanse, and then transform your eating habits. Cut down on the vices – drinking and smoking, pizza and so on. Learn how to make great tasting salads, eat mashed potatoes instead of French fries, and drink chicory instead of coffee and herbal tea instead of black or orange pekoe. In other words, smarten up on the diet, cut out the no goods, and work on getting rid of those intestinal spasms.